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We're Chelsey & Jordan Barhorst – business owners, photographers, curators, and lovers of all things pretty. We've successfully built our wedding photography business from the ground up with a combination of stellar photography and a world class brand.

Over the years it's become incredibly obvious just how much our brand has contributed to our success. We're very fortunate to  have always been able to build our own logos, color palettes, typography systems, and brand voice to perfectly match our photographs. But we also realize that many creatives and small business owners don't have an award-winning designer behind the wheel.

Until now.

We're Black Tie Design Co. – creators of brands, websites, business systems, and more. We want to be the changing force in your business – whatever that might mean for you. We want to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. We want to build you a brand that takes your breath away, a website that converts ideal clients all day long, and systems that will help you run your business, not the other way around.


Chelsey Barhorst

As a former teacher, Chelsey excels at unraveling and explaining complicated ideas to fellow professionals. Through her business Chelsey & Jordan Photography, she educates fellow photographers about some of the more elusive aspects of fine art photography. She shows people how to elevate their body of work with theories and strategies that have worked for hundreds of photographers across the world.

Chelsey's eye for aesthetics is second to none. She knows what works and what doesn't. She's also incredibly gifted in diagnosing issues in small businesses and providing easy-to-implement solutions that can truly turn a business around. She's an expert curator, accomplished copywriter, and the secret weapon in every Black Tie project.


Jordan Barhorst

Remember MySpace? That's how long Jordan has been designing and developing things for the web. Creating edgy MySpace themes for local bands quickly turned to odd jobs for friends of friends, training himself relentlessly, and eventually enrolling in a multimedia design program in college. He's worked in mom & pop web shops, large UX agencies in skyscrapers, and more than one stint in the marketing departments of corporate americas finest. He's built websites, apps, email campaigns, business systems, and more, winning multiple best designer & website awards along the way – as well as being named an official Showit Design Partner shortly after launching Black Tie Design Co.

Jordan's favorite thing he's ever design is the brand for his wedding photography business Chelsey & Jordan Photography. He learned first hand how much having an awesome brand & website can truly affect a business. 


Our Custom Work

Check out these real client websites – all custom designed just for them!


It’s time to put your

best foot forward

Phone numbers were jotted down on the back of drink napkins, business cards were traded hand-to-hand, and a strong handshake marked the start of a new venture. No matter where these business talks took place – whether it was a boardroom in a Midtown high-rise or a swanky West Coast cocktail lounge – it was important to always look your best. That perfect dress or that custom suit made it clear that you meant business and that you were to be taken seriously. You looked good – and everyone knew it.

In today’s day and age, business is done online. Phone numbers have been replaced with email addresses, business cards replaced with QR codes, and that strong handshake is now a virtual smile on a Zoom call. Our businesses are run from our homes, where it’s easy to throw on some sweatpants, your old favorite t-shirt, and slay the day. The importance of looking good has gone by the wayside- because today people rarely interact face-to-face.

But what people don’t realize is that we DO still interact face-to-face. But instead of our physical appearance representing ourselves, now that job is left to our brands and websites. Today, first impressions are made on home pages. Your logo is your statement piece – like an old tie, it can range from tacky to sexy and anywhere in between. That slinky dress or well-fitted tux has been replaced with your only line of defense – your brand and website. So what is your current online presence saying about you?

Back in the day, business was done face-to-face. 

At Black Tie, we’re looking to bring back the days of taking pride in what we look like.

We know that a well-developed brand and website can be the key between someone immediately bouncing from your page or deciding to invest more time in learning about your business. Like a high-end tailor, we only use the best materials (award-winning design, proven digital marketing, and copywriting that converts) to make you an impressive new wardrobe that can replace the sweatpants and t-shirt your business is wearing online. It’s time to put your best foot forward. 

Let's see what we can MAKE for you today.




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